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German Wirehaired Pointer Puppies
CH Kobnko G'Day at Ripsnorters NAVHDA NA I UT I

Ripsnorter Fire in the Hole! NAVHDA NA II
"Bonza" x "Sparks"

Puppies whelped July 1, 2017

4 females and 1 male

All puppies are spoken for at this time




Fall 2015 brought us a beautiful litter from these two and all of their pups have become wonderful members of their families.  We are excited to bring these two talented dogs together again.


Sparks is a sweet solid liver female who is one of the easiest dogs to live with. She started with a ton of natural ability as a young puppy in the field and still points with intensity and style. Her sire, Snup, is the youngest NAVHDA VC to score a perfect score in history.  Her dam, Lola, is not only a great bird dog but also a certified therapy dog.  


Bonza is our import from Kobnko Kennels in Australia and is co-owned with Lisa George and Margie Howard.  Bonza has made everything easy.  He was a perfect score in his NAVHDA NA test on his 6 month old birthday.  He is also a NAVHDA UT prize I dog and a show champion.  We can't ask for anything more from this young dog and he continues to show maturity in the field and water.  He is Karen's constant shadow and can be found with her most places she goes.


Both Sparks and Bonza have wonderful tight, dark body coats requiring minimal maintenance with proper furnishings.  Both are sound in body and mind.  Both have all their health testing completed (CHIC numbers pending).  They are very sweet dogs and wonderful household companions.


We expect these two to produce puppies that will make fantastic bird dogs and great family pets as well.


For further information, please contact Karen at (616)901-3297 or Valerie at (616)450-4399. 

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