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Vizsla Puppies
DC AFC Red Oak's Velocity NAVHDA NA II

GCH Scout 'em Out Ya Gotta Keep Her NAVHDA NA III UT II 
"Reddi" x "Dezi"

Puppies Due November 8, 2023


When we decided Dezi would have one final litter, we wanted to make sure to select another boy to help us develop beautiful, strong bird dogs!

Reddi spent an extended visit with us while we waited for Dezi to be ready.  During this time, we were able to really get to know this fun-loving boy! He took to living with us as if he had always been here. We spent time working some of his training for duck retrieves and duck searches.  He is back home in the PNW where he hunts with his owner.  Reddi is a boy with tons of power and drive and should be a great match for Dezi.  He learns quickly and is always ready to take on any task!

Dezi is our personal grouse and woodcock dog.  She has spent many hours in the woods in front of our guns through the years. She has always had strong water drive and took to the NAVHDA duck search easily.  Dezi is a very pleasant dog in the house and puppies from her two previous litters have all been very impressive in the field and show ring.

Both Reddi and Dezi and fully CHIC health tested with OFA Excellent hips.


For information on this litter, please call Valerie at (616) 450-4399 or email



Photo Cred: Jason Haff

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