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At West Wind Kennel we strive to help you produce an obedient, stylish, and confident gundog.  We achieve this with positive hands and repetitive training.  We offer many options to fit your schedule and lifestyle.


Puppy Program - Puppies have a huge capacity for learning from the ages of 2 - 4 months.  Let us show you with a couple of lessons how to get that puppy started toward the gundog you always wanted.


Gundog Training for Flushers and Pointers - There are three programs you can participate in at West Wind Kennels

      Monthly Training: The dog will stay at the kennel on a monthly bases, but can go home on weekends.  I will be working with your dong daily in both the field and obedience aspects of being a gundog.

      One on One Training: You and your dog come and work with me for an hour long lesson.  During this time we will work on obedience, yardwork, and in the field.  You will often be given homework to work with you dog daily.

      Class Training: Our classes typically involve 4 to 6 people with their dogs.  We begin each class session with obedience and yardwork. We then follow up in the field.  It is a great opportunity to watch other dogs in the field and how they are handled, along with meeting new hunting friends


Waterfowl Training- We offer a program which will help produce a dog that will be steady in the blind and retrieve to hand.


Force Breaking to Retrieve- For those dogs that will not bring you those birds, this is the program for you!  Allow me to turn your dog into a polished retriever.


80 acres of varoius cover

3 wetland areas for waterfowl training

Cement runs

Large fenced in play area

Heated kennels

Well insulated sleeping quarters 

Indoor training area

Birds Used

Chuckar Partridge




For more infomation, detailed description, cost and availabiltiy of the programs, please call and speak with Valerie at 616-450-4399

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